Gentle C Section

I came across this blog post about a gentle c section.  I really wish these would catch on.


Happy New Year!

Wow, it’s been A WHILE.  Sorry.  I’ve been busy being pregnant and having a baby and watching him grow and not caring about providing the internets with my brand of wisdom.  I apologize, internets.

But I guess I’m back for the moment.  I do have a lot of thoughts on new mommy things to blog about, like breastfeeding 101, why BabiesRUs’ doorway is a time machine that sucks at least an hour from your life even if you were only going in there to pick up one thing, and poop stains.  But for now I’m just going to write this post while I work on drafts of the others before I determine to publish them.

Or should I start yet-another-blog just for the mommy stuff and keep this a random piling?

Happy New Year!

To Whedon, an adjective

To Whedon, adjective, meaning to kill indiscriminately; preferrably a character loved by fans

Krazy Couponer Strikes Again! And Again!

So it’s been awhile. Here’s a little something until I get time to write better posts, about desserts and stuff.


Oh yeah . . . That’s a big savings!


Happy Couponing!

2009 Bordeaux

So this is what I’m drinking right now. And while I have been to many a wine tasting and could, if I wanted to, talk about terroir and bouquet and color and etc etc etc, I don’t feel like it. Because I just want to sit and relax and drink it. Because it is delicious!


I bought this randomly at Total Wine because my Food and Wine magazine said that 2009 Bordeaux was going to be awesome. And it is. So get some.

Freezing Tomato Paste

What?  This is Awesome!

Freezing Tomato Paste

What a great idea from Martha!  Love it.  I am always throwing out tomato paste remainders.


DST Suck