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2009 Bordeaux

So this is what I’m drinking right now. And while I have been to many a wine tasting and could, if I wanted to, talk about terroir and bouquet and color and etc etc etc, I don’t feel like it. Because I just want to sit and relax and drink it. Because it is delicious!


I bought this randomly at Total Wine because my Food and Wine magazine said that 2009 Bordeaux was going to be awesome. And it is. So get some.


Simple Pleasures

There is something joyous in opening a bottle of Zinfandel on a Friday afternoon and consuming it slowly while watching your husband play video games.

Just saying.

This bottle is Seven Deadly Zins. It is Californian, coming from where Zinfandel is supposed to cone from as the grape varietal is having. Renaissance as the “true” American grape. This bottle (I’ve had this maker and label before) is true the form: dark fruits forward on the tongue, light tannins almost to the point of Pinot Noir, and an almost bitter soil dirt earth in the end. It is yummy and pairs well with . . . In this case nothing. Many Zins are meant to be drank with nothing.

And so I am and shall.

Happy Friday!

I enjoy cooking with wine,

sometimes I even put it in the food.

I have one wine rule: drink what you like with food that you like.  This really is two rules: drink wine you enjoy, and pair it properly with food you enjoy.  This requires knowledge of some basic wine and food pairing principles; but you could just stick with this one: like goes with like.

But if all of this wine talk is just too confusing and you refuse to drink anything but the sweetest sauternes or can’t abide a merlot or just drink whatever is on sale that week, then just keep drinking what you like.  Because wine is meant to be drunk.

Me, I want to learn more.  I want to tour France and camp out in wineries and have the grand cru champagne that is ~ $15/bottle.  I want to visit Napa and Sanoma and the Finger Lakes.  I want to find cross the Andes from Argentina to Chile to taste the difference.

And luckily, Public Television is here to help:

Vine Talk is a new show hosted by Stanley Tucci (The Devil Wears Prada and Julie & Julia) which brings together an actor/actress, another famous person, and a NY chef to discuss wine and the food that goes with it.

So watch, support your local Public Television and learn something about wine in the process.