Zucchini Bundt Cake

In Florida, winter is alive with fresh veg as if it were Summer in New England. Strawberries, eggplant, onions, corn, and squash abound from the fields and don’t stop coming until mid April. So what to do with my Zucchini? Luckily, I subscribe to Martha Stewart Living, and she provided the answer in an issue from last year . . . during the rest of the nation’s summer.

Zucchini Bundt Cake with Orange Glaze





Normally, I find that Martha’s recipes are hard to read because the ingredients are written out of order from the directions’ requirements, and this recipe is no exception. Just do the grating first, and set it aside. I needed three 7″ zucchini. For anise seed, I ground up some star anise I had leftover from my Christmas turkey brine, and used less like the Internet told me too. The cake, as promised, will not run over, but the “butter” used to prevent sticking will – so put the cake on a cookie sheet like I did. I saved a small (about the size of a quarter, really) mess in your oven.



I don’t normally bother with excess like candied zucchini, but figured I should make the cake special because it is for a dinner with friends. A few notes: slicing the zucchini with a peeler makes them too thin, but they came out OK; next time I will just use a knife (I don’t have the mandolin required and don’t feel like shelling out $ for such extravagance at this point); the parchment paper didn’t seem to do anything; the zucchini will turn translucent.


Will update with a finished product pic later. Happy Sunday!

Update: finished product, sorry for the delay! I just mumblemumblemumbleexcuse forgot.



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