A Year Without McDonald’s

A year ago, I gave up McDonalds.  I seriously have not purchased or eaten anything at McDonalds in one year.  And I honestly haven’t missed it at all.

I considered going to McDonald’s now to *celebrate* by purchasing my favorite McDonald’s item – a Big Mac value meal.  But I’m not gonna.

It just isn’t worth it.

Not when there is Five Guys down the street.

But seriously, I gave up McDonald’s a year ago because I wanted to see if I could live life without fast food.  Traditional fast food, that is – McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s.  And I can.  I already didn’t eat Burger King, and shortly thereafter gave up Wendy’s, so when I get to that year anniversary I’ll post about that then, but for now, I gave up McDonald’s for a year and plan on continuing to not eat McDonald’s.

In this year, I lost approximately 10 additional pounds with the help of Weight Watchers and friends.  These ten pounds had plagued me since initially losing 15 pounds two years prior.  I’m not going to say that not eating McDonald’s helped – because you can eat McDonald’s on Weight Watchers.  I’m just going to say that it didn’t hurt.

But I’m not about to make a judgement call about others who eat McDonald’s and are not going to stop.  That’s fine.

I’m just really proud of myself that I don’t.


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