There are times when you need a lot of bacon.  There are also times when you want to make a lot of bacon, stuff it in a Ziploc bag, and remove slices as you need during the week.  Here is what to do if you are in need of a lot of bacon.

Step One: Get out your bacon, paper towels, and microwave-safe plate.

Step Two: Get a stack of four paper towels, and with the “back side” of the paper towel facing up so that it will touch the first layer of bacon.  Yes, four paper towels.  No, I am not concerned about the tree that I’m killing because this is the best way to make bacon!  And we need bacon, so that is that.  I like Costco’s Kirkland brand paper towels, they are large, they are inexpensive, they are absorbent, and they don’t stick to bacon. 

****It is imperative that the back of the paper towel touch the bacon!  The pretty pattern has a tendency to stick to bacon!  As does any paper towel that is colored with some theme of some sort, avoid those and stick with a plain old white paper towel.***

Step 3: line up your bacon in rows of four (only four please, otherwise your bacon will not cook anywhere near evenly), with space in-between the slices for grease to drain.

Step 4:  Place two more paper towels, stacked so that the backs are touching the layer you just created and will touch the layer you’re going to add (hence the need for at least two, because otherwise you would have a front touching bacon, which is not good).  Add another layer of bacon perpendicular to the prior layer, creating a “lattice” of sorts.

Step 5:  Keep adding layers of four strips, perpendicular, with two paper towels in between the layers until you have your stack of bacon.

Step 6:  Tuck the corners in as best you can so that they do not interfere with the spinning of your plate in the microwave.

Step 7:  Turn on your microwave.  For my bacon, using Costco’s thick cut applewood smoked bacon, I cook the bacon for 20 minutes on high power.  For regular cut bacon, I cook the bacon for 13 minutes on high power.  Regardless, you are going to have to test your microwave and every package of bacon is a bit different.  For example, this morning, I cooked two packages: one thick, one regular.  The thick one needed additional cooking time (5 minutes), but the regular one came out perfect at 13 minutes.  It just depends.  So start with 10 minutes for regular and 15 minutes for thick cut, and see where you are at, adding additional minutes (no more than 3 minutes at a time – which is only needed if the bacon is still raw in places).

Step 8:  Get your landing area ready.  You will need trivetts for your hot plate, a place to put your bacon, tongs, and pot holders.

Step 9:  After your bacon is “done” – at least on the top most layer(s) – take it out and marvel at the beautiful bacon!

Step 10:  Remove bacon strips carefully with tongs.  This takes some practice to not get paper too, but you have already taken precautions to avoid that.  Use of tongs avoids burning your fingers.  You may have to remove top layer(s) of cooked bacon and then return the rest of the stack to the microwave for further cooking in one minute increments (until you get the hang of your bacon and your microwave to know how many minute(s) it takes).  If you do, always leave a layer of paper towels on top; you do not need new paper towels, you can put a used layer back in place on top.

***You must take the bacon off the paper towels immediately to avoid the bacon sticking.***

Step 11:  Pile up your bacon! 

Step 12:  Eat!


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