Organics Are Easy

So it’s been awhile.  I’ve been sick.  And working.  And yeah.

But, during this time, I’ve been exploring organics.  You see, there are these great things called CSAs and buying clubs that take all the guesswork out of getting your veggies.  And, they are organic. 

To be honest, I never sought out organic before.  I really did not care about pesticides on my food, and did not see the point in paying extra for something to be without them.  Now having eaten organic, I can tell you: organic food tastes better.  Bananas taste like bananas.  Mangos taste like mangos.  Tomatoes taste like tomatoes.  Eggs taste like eggs.

What am I getting at?  It is like this: if you eat banana flavored baby food, and eat a regular banana that isn’t organic, the banana tastes starchy, and hints of the flavor explosion in the baby food, but it isn’t there in the banana.  The banana flavor isn’t present.  But if you eat an organic banana, the flavor explosion is present.

Anyway, even if you do not care about organic or the flavors or disagree with my opinion, here is the truth: for $45/two weeks I get enough vegetables and fruits to feed my husband and myself for two weeks, cooking every other night.  I cannot do this at my local grocery store even with sales.  Even Costco cannot compare to the variety; and considering the food that is thrown out due to quantity, the savings isn’t even worth it.  Likewise, I have discovered vegetables and fruits I would never have chosen or eaten otherwise.  Kale; collard greens; beets; radishes; Japanese pumpkin; fresh whole pineapple – sure, I may have eaten these at a restaurant, or pre-cut in a salad bar, but would never have purchased for myself in the super market.

The adventure has challenged me to learn to prepare these veggies and fruits as well.  Mostly I turn to the “healthier” option of roasting – although even olive oil can pack a caloric punch in quantity – but made soup out of the pumpkin, salad out of mushrooms, and have yet to decide what to do with the pineapple (I’m considering grilling slices, I hear that’s delicious).

So here is my adventure in pictures:

My first share:

Up close:

the eggs:

Frying eggs with the yellowist yellows I’ve ever seen!

Oyster mushrooms:

Curly Kale

Summer squash:


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