Guinness Gingerbread

I love Guinness Gingerbread.  I also love Nigella Lawson.  And because my favorite holiday just past, I made some to honor it.  I tried to make some Bailey’s icing and some Jameson icing to make a dessert Irish carbomb, but only my husband has been eating it.  It was WAY too sweet for me.

So first, get all your spices out and in order with tops off for easy insertion of measuring spoons and what not.  This is the most annoying step because you are in danger of chipping your nailpolish.  I chipped my nail polish.  But that’s OK.

Then, get your syrup (I use plain molasses because I can’t find this “golden syrup” British stuff because my grocery store is insufficiently stocked with British items while it is fully stocked with Asian and Mexican and Peruvian and other Hispanic items.  This is annoying to me and one of the only reasons I would ever consider moving to Broward County. 

Then, add your Guinness:

Now, don’t do what I did here.  First, get your 1 Cup of Guinness and then add it.  Then drink the rest.  I foolishly put the whole can and had none to drink!  This was a travesty. (The cake, however, turned out just fine, go figure).

Now, I don’t like doing dishes, so I add the sour cream and eggs and mix together in a bowl like this:

Only to have to pull out a larger bowl to whisk it all up because the mixture was in danger of bubbling over my pot:

But that’s OK too. 

So then you get your pan and you liberally grease it up.  Nigella suggests also that you line with foil or make in a foil pan to make life easy.  It’s up to you.  I like to use the Pam for baking or Baker’s Joy or similar grease+oil product.  Because I’m lazy in my own way:

Then, put your pan on a cookie sheet to make sure that you don’t dirty your oven unecessarily:

And bake.  It will come out delicious in the time alotted, but you should still test your cake with a cake tester:

If you don’t have one of these fancy gadgets, go get one!  No, seriously, you can use a toothpick.  If the tester or toothpick comes out clean, your cake is done.  To ensure it is moist and delicious, please, no over-baking.

Happy Eating!


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  1. Looks great. Any time is a good time for Guinness.


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