It’s all relative.

In an effort to avoid those who I don’t want to read this and comment upon, I’m going to leave this vague.

There are 1,212,205 registered voters where I live.

There were 209,075 votes cast in a recent election where I live.

Therefore, voter turnout was 17.25%.  A super majority of the people where I live did not care one way or the other.  That is disheartening and sad, because, now, less than 20% of the people in the place where I live determined the following:

The expendiature of an additional $5 million dollars on a second election, in addition to the $5 million dollars already spent on the first one.

The assured lowering of taxes and resulting lowering of services.

Amongst other things . . .

As for me, I’m annoyed.  I’m annoyed at the apathy demonstrated and the ability of a small number of people to change the future fortunes of many.  I’m annoyed that one of the reasons for this change was “increased” taxes, when the majority of people in the place where I live paid LESS taxes this year than they did the year previous and paid LESS taxes the year previous than the year before that because, in the place where I live, the property values have plumeted and continue to do so; I’m annoyed people can’t do basic multiplication.  I’m annoyed that certain groups are claiming this election as a victory for themselves.  I’m annoyed at it all.

Now, I really do not care what your opinion is, you voters.  You are entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine.  I’m glad we voted.  I’m just annoyed that more of you didn’t.  Because I would be less annoyed knowing that the result was really what everyone wanted.


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