T-Shirt Heaven

I just got this beauty delivered to me in the mail:

It is hard to tell with this sad picture taken from my iPhone, but I assure everyone that this shirt it super cool, and can be purchased here.

I have recently become re-obsessed with the “cool” t-shirt. Those shirts that when you wear them cause conversations and generally result in queries regarding where you got it.

It all started with this shirt found on www.teefury.com:

I got this for my husband as part of a “grab bag” that TeeFury was doing – we didn’t know what we were getting until the shirts arrived in the mail, but for the bargain price of $5 each, it was worth the risk.  I got a super cute version of Boo, but I can’t find the image at the moment.  TeeFury has a new t-shirt every day, and you can only buy them the day they come out, which is why I am ticked I missed the opportunity to get this:

But, not to worry, because there are other ways of *creating* your own super cool geekified t-shirts. Big Frog is a company where you can take your image and they’ll put it on any t-shirt of your liking. Your image needs to be original, but so long as the picture is free-use, you’re going to be OK. This is how I got this:

on a shirt for my husband.  He could it explain its meaning to you better than me, so I’m not even going to try.  It has something to do with mutants being superior and Professor X being wrong.

Happy Shopping!


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