Making Mexican food or Tex Mex food is very satisfying.  Although the amount of prep involved, and the bowls dirtied, and the amount of chopping, is about the same as the amount created when preparing Chinese or other Asian food, Mexican food does not feel like work like Chinese food does.  Maybe this is because there is a margarita in your hand when you’re preparing Mexican food.  Regardless, Mexican food is simply delicious, easy, and satisfying as a meal.  It normally creates massive left-overs as well, which makes Mexican food all that more exciting.

I found this recipe on the Pioneer Woman’s blog for beef fajita nachos and simply used the marinade for the flank steak in my fajitas.

A word about fajita making: vegetation must be plentiful and colorful:

You skillet must be smokin’ hot before you add your vegetation.  You should let the vegetation sit to char a bit, then move it around, char, move it around, char, etc. until it resembles caramelized goodness:

These aren’t *that* caramelized, but I was in a rush and hungry!  So forgive me.

Regarding the meat, flank steak is a must.  Flank steak is the beautiful piece of meat that when cooked to medium (no more than that please!) turns into divinely pink-centered melt in your mouth happiness.  You must marinade it for hours though, so plan ahead.

After you’ve grilled your flank steak, let it rest for 10-15 minutes on your cutting board so juices aren’t released anywhere but in your mouth, then cut on the bias, slicing 1/4″ pieces:

The “bias” is opposite the grain of the meat.  Use a large serrated knive for this.

Once you have your vegetation & meat, make a spread with some sour cream, cheese, hot sauce, and tortillas:

to make perfect fajitas:



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