The Perfect Sunrise

My drink of choice is a Tequila Sunrise.  This is the beverage I order at Fox’s.  This is the beverage I turn to after a particularly hard day.  And yesterday was a particularly hard day; an exhausting day.  A day of painful lower back pain and endless finishing of assignments procrastinated.  So I went home and made a (ok, a couple) Tequila Sunrise.

Step One:  Fill old fashioned glass with ice.  If you do not have an old fashioned glass, just use a normal glass.  Whatever holds liquid will be just fine.

Step Two:  Put two ounces (two ponies) of your favorite tequila into the glass.  Traditionally, you would use an anejo here, although my favorite is resposada.  Life is too short to not drink the tequila you love, so don’t fret about the tradition of anejo.  Here, I am using an anejo because I felt like that tequila at the moment.  Make it a good one, regardless.

Step Three:  Fill almost to the top with orange juice.  The “recipe” calls for 4 oz, but if you are using a standard old fashioned glass, this method works well enough so that you don’t have to dirty your jigger with orange juice, necessitating a wash before the grenadine addition.

Step Four:  Add 1 oz of grenadine in a swirling motion around the glass to create the “sunrise” effect.  Since I didn’t take a video of this, here is what it will look like if done properly before settling:

Step Five:  Admire your sunrise.

If you prefer a less sweet drink, add only 1/2 ounce of grenadine, you can still admire your sunrise:

Step Six:  Drink!

Also, always use Rose’s Grenadine in your tequila sunrise preparation.  Because it is produced by Cadbury.

I swear that says there that it is produced by Cadbury in Ireland.  And the Irish know how to drink, so we should drink the stuff they make, I think.  The recipe is found on the other side of the bottle.

Happy Sunrise!


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