Headbanger’s Ball

My first concert . . . wait, my first rock concert was Aerosmith for their Get a Grip tour.  I was 15, young, invincible, and able to “bang” my head to the music without any residual effects.

This ability continued through the grunge 90’s: bouncing up and down in a moshpit to Smells Like Teen Spirit, wriggling around like Gumby to basically anything on Core or Purple, losing oneself in amped noise of Pearl Jam, etc. (all of which, incidently, sound so tame in retrospect and compared to System of a Down and other more “modern” noise makers).  There was really no call for this in the 2000’s (is there a phrase for “the first decade” yet?).

But suddenly, my neck is sore.  Very sore.  Again.  Because while badly providing the vocals to Bohemian Rhapsody at karaoke last night, I, again, started banging my head like a fool.  A real fool, because it really hurts.


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