Red Velvet Cupcake Disaster

So, I make cakes or desserts or what not for my work when there is a birthday.  Except when it’s my birthday because that just ain’t right.

So this month, the birthdaygirl wanted a red velvet cake.  She wanted “regular” frosting instead of the traditional cream cheese frosting, so I made cupcakes.

And now, for the piece of advice: if making cupcakes, follow a cupcake recipe.  Don’t just assume that a cake recipe will make cupcakes.  Because this one didn’t.

I have made this recipe as a cake many a times to produce red velvet cake:

Now, I’m not a fan of red velvet cake.  Or any cake.  Except maybe this cake:’S%20%22PERFECTLY%20CHOCOLATE%22%20Chocolate%20Cake.aspx

Which is decadent and fantastic and amazing.  But more on that cake later (becuase I’m sure I’ll make it at some point).

The problem I have specifically with red velvet cake (or at least this recipe) is the number of bowls/utensils/spoons/whips/etc. dirtied in the process.  I am not a fan of dirtying things because then they have to be cleaned.  I am even less of a fan of dirtying things when I’m the one that would be cleaning them, as my husband was at work at the time of this cake making, and, therefore, sadly unavailble to clean as he usually does (which is our “bargain” for I cook, he cleans).  And yes, we do have a dishwashing machine, but many things can’t/shouldn’t be put in there.  Like my prized baking equipment, so yeah.

This cake starts with a rather unappetizing fat+flavoring+food coloring mixture:

Which turns into this when whisked:

Meanwhile, in another bowl, you mix together butter and sugar until it is pale yellow (always until pale yellow):

Then you add the red slurry to the butter+sugar.  Then you alternate adding your buttermilk (which if you didn’t have, then you should have put 1 T of vinegar into a measuring cup and added milk to make 1 C, and then let sit for 5 minutes, and voila! buttermilk) and flour mixtures into your redslurry/butter/sugar mixture:

To get something that looks like this:

Which you then frantically pour into various cupcake and small cake cups (because you ran out of small cupcake cups mid-batter, this ALWAYS happens):

And then you bake at 350 degrees for ? minutes (because this is a cake recipe, not a cupcake, much less a mini-cupcake recipe), open the oven one too many times to check the progress of your mini cupcakes and end up with cupcakes that are not only stuck to the pans, but are so soft you can’t lift them out (those that did not stick) without taking the top completely off, creating a cupcake disaster.

So disasterous that I didn’t even take a picture.

However, once re-capped and frosted, no one seemed to care as they are rapidly disappearing from the kitchen at work:

And a close-up of the mis-capped cupcake:

At least the birthday girl was happy, and that is all that matters.


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