Blogging For Amateurs

This is my second blog.  This blog, unlike my other blog, will be about my many adventures.

I finally chose because, well, my better option was taken, and this url has the desired combination of meaningfulness and description.  It is meaningful to me, because (along with one of my best friends) I took a cake decorating class where the teacher would constantly complain in very broken English that my icing was not “at the right consistency!” which joke stuck and continues as a reminder to my friend and myself that icing is never really “at the right consistency” whenever we are attempting cake-making (which we do, rather often and in large format).  It is descriptive of this blog, because I think I’m looking for the right consistency in life.

I hope to make this blog a mis-mash of internet browsings, cooking adventures, cake-making adventures, daily (ok, more realistically weekly) thought meanderings, and perhaps a journal of my soon-to-be-attempted forray into the exercise world.

It is a heafty task, but I think I’m up to it.

See you soon!


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